Zetronix iPod Video Glasses Review

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Zetronix iPod Video Glasses Review

Posted by gerardbrowning26 on May 20, 2009

Zetronix iPod Video Glasses

I used to wonder if there was any one thing that I can put on and see a movie. Something like a virtual theater or almost iPod Video Glasses. I was searching online and found that there are iPod Video Glasses! You can actually wear a pair of goggles that turns what you see into a theater! It’s crazy, so I looked into it and read some reviews. I discovered that the Virtual Video Glasses by Zetronix.com had great product reviews, and is a awesome product. It is sold by zetronix and they handle business with care. The Zetronix 50″ iPod Video Glasses simulate a 50″ television screen enabling you to watch anything you want in retreat. The picture is displayed right in front of your eyes as a virtual big screen. The effect is that you feel as though you are watching a 50″ flat screen television, from 2 meters away, in a pitch-black room. The iPod Video Glasses can be connected to any type of DVD Player, Video Game System, iPod Video* and virtually any device that has a video signal output. The iPod Video Glasses include adaptors which will allow you to connect the glasses to an iPod Video through the headphone jack, a haulable DVD player via the composite or RCA jacks and to your video game console through the RCA jack. The Zetronix 50″ iPod Video Glasses are absolutely set up with Surround Sound Speaker headphones that play crystal clear movie theater sound anytime you desire. The Zetronix 50″ Virtual Video Glasses are great for nighttime viewing as well. Check out anything you want in bed at night without distressing those around you. Just put the glasses on, connect the iPod Video Glasses to any video device and adore your favorite show or play your favorite video game. It’s that simple. If you don’t believe me, click on this link, you don’t have to take my word for it!

Zetronix Video Glasses

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